Do you need a voice to represent your company or brand?

We are becoming an increasingly visual culture, craving a short film to tell a brand story, to sell a product or service. A video with voiceover is the perfect medium for our time-poor, smartphone generation.

Research reveals that a video has more ‘stickiness’ on a website; they’re ideal for a company website, e-training or product summary. At conferences or eLearning sessions attendees often find video more engaging than reading reams of text. I will work closely with you to find exactly the right tone and pace for you and your target audience.

 If you would like my voice to be the voice of your video, call me on +44 (0)7760 453311 or email or leave a message via the enquiry form.

Rachel provided an absolute pitch perfect delivery for our video that balanced just the right degree of warmth and enthusiasm with the authority and gravity our short video required.
— Acord