Rachel Sellers - The Animation Voice Over Girl

Animated productions often want a specific type of voice - a voice to match the character's personality that fits with the feel of the entire project. Animation voice overs are not, however, just about wacky cartoon characters in a feature film or storybook app. Where the content is illustrating a product or service in an animated style, the voice needs to work in tandem with the animation and complement the visual. Animation is a great way to generate sales and brand awareness.

Character voices are used in video games, web promos, direct-to-dvd features, character commercials, anime  - a Japanese-style animated film, or television entertainment, toys and a whole new world of animation online. 

I regularly provide voice overs for animation, where my job is to portray emotions and attitudes with my voice and ultimately to bring a character to life. There's never a dull moment when it comes to performing character voices for children’s programmes and apps for kids. And I really mean performing!  Sometimes I find myself contorting my face and body to help me create the voice behind a character.  

Where an image captures the attention, it could be said the voice creates a lasting impression. If you’re looking for an animation voice talent contact me with details of your project.

Professional Voice Over

    •    Professional & Reliable
I will stay in close contact with you from the start of the project to delivery and will work hard to ensure you are entirely happy with your read.

    •    Efficient service
Depending on the size of the project, I can often turnaround your voiceover within 24 hours.

    •    Custom Auditions
If it’s helpful to you and your client to have a recorded sample of your script, I’m happy to record and send an extract.

    •    Affordable
As an experienced voice over artist I work to industry standard rates. That said, for unusual, intriguing or just plain fun projects I’ll always try to work within your budget!  

    •    High quality audio
You will receive fully edited audio files, labelled and delivered as requested in MP3, WAV or AIFF format.




18 years of experience in voice over. A wide range of voices for animation projects.



Nintendo, AimViz, Premium Voices, Book a Bus, SDL



I love what I do and will keep in close content with you until the completion of your animation project.

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Wonderful performance, perfectly fitting the film ambiance and perfectly synched. Highly recommended
— Alfredo Reis Deus