Increase sales with a professional voicemail message

Make your business stand out and sound professional to callers who phone you.

Why not make the most of this captive audience with a voicemail message that won’t blow your budget! We know customers ideally want to speak to a human being, rather than be ‘held in a queue’ or made to listen to a series of options, but, with so many calls, this isn’t always possible or practical.


You can, of course, be as creative as you like with your voice mail message or on hold greeting, or keep things simple and informative. Don’t forget your phone greeting is often a callers first impression of your company. So, make it a lasting one, for the right reasons!

Take a look at Noah What-your-voicemail-greeting-should-sound-like for great hints and tips on what your voicemail message should sound like.

Whether your customers are on hold for 20 seconds while a call is being transferred or for 10 minutes while waiting in a queue, a professional phone message can provide valuable information to keep them on-hold. I can provide on-hold, voicemail greetings and phone prompts tailored to your needs.

If you need help with voicemail scripts, I’m happy to send you a template with a range of options.  If you would like background or hold music, I can prepare, record and edit your bespoke phone message and add a little light music.

All phone system recordings rates are based on a full-buyout license (so you won’t be asked for any additional payment)

Rachel Sellers