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Get inspired. Here’s how to create a marketing campaign seen by 50 million people worldwide

Eight years ago, Cordaid People in Need, the Cordaid brand that helps provide emergency aid, launched a campaign called “Small Change, Big Difference”.

Back then four community members were photographed by a fashion photographer for the campaign.

The four Samburu people involved – Paraput, Tirinti, Elisabeth and Letipila – posed as models with luxury articles that cost many times more than the basic things they need to stay alive, things like water.

The campaign was created to make the Dutch public aware that the money we spend so easily every day can make a huge difference to people living in disaster areas.

It was a hugely successful marketing campaign and went viral to the tune of 50 million views worldwide and is still striking a chord and raising money.

In 2015, Cordaid travelled back to Kenya with an interpreter to visit the community members and to see how they were doing. I was thrilled to be selected by Premium Voices to record the voice over for the follow-up videos. Meet Paraput, Tirinti, Elisabeth and Letipila 8 years on from the original campaign:

Congratulations to Saatchi and Saatchi (nl) and Cordaid for the original concept: a beautifully executed, simple idea and a brilliant way of making the point.  Let’s keep it going. Pay it forward!

If you’re looking for a British voice over artist for your marketing campaign, I would love to help, please contact me to discuss your project.

Rachel Sellers